Drinking in ALL of Portland…Spring Break!

Well, it’s a wrap on Spring break, and my in-box seems to announce the fact that I’m back.  The Sheraton San Jose wants to know how I enjoyed my stay, as does the Seattle Westin, and the Hotel Paracas in Peru.  Yeah, my timeshare, hard at work, making sure I’m a happy traveler.  But no, being a mother of adult children, my new freedom lets me avoid spring break travel without any guilt at all, and all those stays were for my daughter, son, and brother.   I stayed in Portland for Spring Break, and found PLENTY of fabulous things to do.

After taking in the Bill W and Dr. Bob play, I did a cleanse, which seemed appropriate. But after that, I headed out to find a beverage.

Picture 11

I headed to the Cornell Nursery for a class labeled “The Drunken Botanist.”  Local author Amy Stewart is something of an expert on this subject matter, and was inspired to write her sixth book after happening upon a work published in 1858 – Fermented Liquors: a Treatise on Brewing, Distilling, Rectifying, and Manufacturing of Sugars, Wines, Spirits, and All Known Liquors, Including Cider and Vinegar: Also, Hundreds of Valuable Directions in Medicine, Metallurgy, Pyrotechny, and the Arts in General, by Lewis Feuchtwanger.

Amy Stewart's "The Drunken Botanist"

Amy’s book is chock full of great information, and I brought home a whole tray of possible cocktail ingredients that will go into a container garden on my deck.

Botany at it's finest

Finally, I wrapped up the Spring Break with more local legends: Storm Large joined Pink Martini for a free “Singin’ in the Square” event in the fabulous afternoon sun on Saturday.

Singin' in the Square

Much like my experience when I danced in Le Grand Continental this past September in Pioneer Courthouse Square, I was overcome with emotion at the vast numbers of local Portlanders as we came together to sing for two whole hours.  This city really is the best.

Governor Roberts leads us in song. Along with some really strong support from Storm Large.

Governor Roberts leads us in song. Along with some really strong support from Storm Large.

Check out Amy’s website – she a local gem!  http://drunkenbotanist.com/

I’m filing her right next to Lisa the Beer Goddess:  http://beergoddess.com/


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