Here’s what people are saying:

“Francene is awesome and responsive and knows the mortgage lending rules inside and out. If she doesn’t have the answer for you, she will get it in a quick manner.”  November 17, 2010

Julie Thompson, Realtor, Portland, OR

“I had the pleasure of working with Francene through a very difficult transaction. Francene was thoroughly professional and was able to make things happen when others in her position could have been stymied. Her years of experience helped tremendously and I would recommend her to anyone looking to secure a mortgage on a home.” November 11, 2010

Garett Chadney, Realtor, Portland, OR

“Francene is a smart and dedicated loan officer with many years experience. I have personally used her services and recommended her to friends, family and professional colleagues alike.”  October 27, 2010

 Carrie Ure, client

“Francene is someone I absolutely trust – not just for my own personal loans, but for my real estate clients also. I have recommended her many times with complete confidence.” October 20, 2010

Stephanie Wiarda, Realtor, Portland, OR

“Francene has an unsurpassed passion for historic preservation and has been extremely supportive of the efforts of the Bosco-Milligan Foundation. She has been a fantastic volunteer, working on multiple BMF projects over the years. She has also shared her home for BMF special events and tours on several occasions, something that many people would never consider doing.” October 20, 2010

Val Ballestrem, Education Manager, The Architectural Heritage Center

“Francene is a good lender. She understands the big picture of buying a house and how important her job is to the sucessfull purchase of a home. I prefer using lenders that have a good ability with first timers. If they can do that well, they can do the rest well too!” October 19, 2010

Kria Lacher, Realtor, Portland, OR


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