Dancing in the Streets

Who all out there is going to be here for the Starlight Parade? Well, I can now give you one more reason (of the many wonderful reasons) to attend: one of the many dancers you’ll see in on the streets that night will be yours truly!

Join me June 1st, 8:30 pm, through the streets of downtown Portland for two miles of dancing. The dance we’re doing is by Bodyvox, one and the same as THE dance–the Advance dance in this amazing video of one dance, two minutes, and fifty lovely locations.

We have just six weeks to learn, and last week I had my first rehearsal.  There were so many familiar faces – the people of Le Grand Continental, a similar group dancing experience I did last September (pictured above), made up one special family, to be sure, and many of us had hoped for just such another opportunity. Here we were, back at the very familiar location of BodyVox to learn our new moves! I’d invited anyone that I thought might find this fun, and was delighted to see a couple women from my Zumba class, and the new girlfriend of a dear old friend as well. The initial invite said they were looking for upwards of 100 people, and my quick assessment of the crowd put us at about 80 +/-. Nice. Mostly women, but a good diverse group of us. Big, small, young, old, black, white, etc. Perfect. Two hours of practice for six weeks, for two miles of dancing, smiling, and laughing.

And so it begins!

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Keep on Dancing!

Pink Martini played to sold out crowds two nights in a row at the zoo last weekend. How

Pink Martini

lucky we are to have this kind of talent! Music fills my summer, and dancing brings me joy. “Dansez-vous,” China Forbes of Pink Martini signs out.

Several years ago when looking to increase my exercise routine, I stumbled into a zumba class. What a life changing event for me.

Zumba is a Colombian dance fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez. It involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves.

I was hooked! Two flash mobs, and a opening act at a Timbers game added to the thrill of performing Zumba out in public.

Dancing at My Reunion

Mid summer, while at my class reunion in Freeport, IL someone I knew from my past asked me to dance. I immediately said, “Sure!” Then I had a moment of panic as I realized this old friend was a dance instructor. Oh dear. We danced the night away, and the class reunion became a pivotal point to my summer.

Le Continental

When I returned to Portland, a couple of friends asked if I was going to try out for Le Continental,

Come Join Us!

Pioneer Courthouse Square on September 30, 2012! This exciting performance brings together 150+ participants of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds – dancers and non-dancers alike – to perform a contemporary re-imaging of a traditional festive line dance! Age range 9 to 75.

Check out this Blog from one of the other amateurs that I really like:Click Here 

Holy smokes, I keep on dancing!