My Little Girl’s Getting Married!

Celeste and Joshua

My daughter’s getting married in less than three weeks.  Such a short bundle of words, but oh, the implications! First let me say that I keep thinking, “the apple falls not far from the tree.” Naturally Celeste has planned a wedding on the banks of the Zig Zag river on Mt. Hood, in the dead of winter, in a former campsite built by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Of course we’re not doing this in July, what fun would that be?

As I pondered how the whole thing is going to work, I realized that I really have no experience to draw on. Sure, I got married: no attendants, no church, a small bouquet, no honeymoon. I made my dress.  My daughter, on the other hand, will have a traditional wedding, with a professional photographer, beautiful long gown with a trailing veil, lavish flowers, and a jet-away honeymoon.

And this being twelve years into the “new millennium,”  weddings these days have their own websites. This one is called ThatShowsHowStrongMyLoveIs, and it’s beautifully done down to the last detail, including a photo gallery, directions to the wedding site, link to “their song,” online gift registry and a darling heart favicon that shows up on your browser tab when you visit the site. Awww!

Tough Love?

With over 100 inches of snow accumulated in just one weekend this January on Mt. Hood, I know you are all wondering what the mother of the bride wears to such an event.  I decided to “think local” and asked, “What would Gert Boyle wear?”  I got this email response from her assistant: “Mrs. Boyle reviewed your email, and her suggestion is that you wear a warm dress, along with a Columbia Sportswear raincoat and boots. She wishes your family all the best for the wedding!”

Mother of the bride apparel

Uninspired by Columbia Sportswear’s wedding division, I’m opting instead for a traditional Pendleton Native American blanket-style cape, wool “walking” skirt,  fur-lined over-the-knee leather boots, and long underwear. I think I’m set.

Wish me luck! With only three weeks left to go, and no solution for how to safely get all the out-of-towners from the ceremony at Camp Creek Campground to Timberline Lodge for the reception, I’ll need all the well-wishing I can get!

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