Irvington classic gets my vote

The common wisdom in Portland is that we suffer nine months of rain and three months of home-remodeling every year. And of course Memorial Day–the official start of summer–is also the official start of the remodeling and real estate shopping season.

My pick for the best house to kick-off the 2011 season is this gorgeous Portland Foursquare Craftsman being marketed by Jeff Yen of Destination Realty. This house has it all—location, charm, comfort and beauty. Not only is this a stellar example of just how successful an old house restoration can be, including modern comfort and old world craftsmanship. This is a fabulous example of a well-marketed property for sale.

Those looking to sell their own properties this summer might take note: it won’t be enough to price your property competitively. It must also be in top condition and staged professionally. For a virtual tour of this stunner go to the website. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: Jeff does his own photography!


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